Maximising Site Potential

See Space is a small property development company bringing a dynamic and agile approach to development.

As a business, we’re focused on the planning phase of development projects, finding the potential in underutilised sites; we work with strategic partners and consultants to maximise the land value. and reduce the planning risk for land and property owners.

A Team of Experts at Your Fingertips

With our combined experience and expertise, we’re able to navigate the planning process and submit a planning application which, amplifies the use of space while also aligning with the local borough’s strategic objectives. In doing so we increase the chances of obtaining a positive planning outcome.

Relationships and partnerships are intrinsic to our business. It’s our belief that the most successful partnerships only happen when there’s open communication, transparency and integrity.

We strive to bring this to every conversation.

Our Story

With a background in Business Development and Marketing, my transition into property started with a small Buy-to-Let portfolio in East London and from there my focus evolved into property development, in particular - strategically identifying sites and taking them through the planning process.

Since then I’ve been fortunate to build a strong team of consultants and expert practitioners to deliver the desired outcome for our partners, land and property owners and team.


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